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Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi

wet hot and wild american yogi
A Post-Modern Satiric Romp Across the Globe Fueled by Tantra, LSD and American Longing

With a pulsing wit Shyam Dodge takes us on a savagely satiric tour through the dope decade of the sixties, the spiritual commune of the seventies, Hollywood celebrity, and the new American yoga craze. Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi is a meta-narrative spun at high velocity, fueled by honest rage, grief, and an intense philosophical yearning. It is simultaneously a chronicle and critique of the baby-boom legacy told by one of our most original and iconoclastic storytellers. Shyam Dodge is a cock-sure twenty-seven year old who tackles his subject with a bold, virile, sexually charged prose, and reckless humanity reminiscent of Dr. Thompson, young Kerouac, and Voltaire. He will make you cry, he will make you laugh, and may even reaffirm your faith in the power of the individual.

Widely regarded as the “Sexiest, most original, and savagely hilarious voice of the under-thirty generation,” his writing is a part of the new satire that is reinvigorating our souls in these post-Bush, politically opaque years. Shyam is currently studying English and philosophy at Harvard University.

Starring: Shyam Dodge, incarnation of a Hindu god • California Guru • former lifelong monk • and now failed divinity

Featuring: Patrick Bishop, Japanese American orphan • nineteen sixties psychedelic adventurer • traveling homeless monk • spiritual teacher • ‘80s Soap Opera Star of General Hospital fame • beloved father and husband, R.I.P.

Also Starring: Guruji, master of low calorie diets and sexual healing

And many more strange and fabulous characters in this shocking true story of an artistic counter-cultural family, beginning in Nazi Germany, WWII era Japan, the summer of love and ending in Northern India and a small backyard strung with Christmas lights in Hawaii USA

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Publishing experts (Rose Ave Press) quoted in the Boston Herald...

Genre critic and novelist Pete Mesling says, “Shyam Dodge is one to watch.”

Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi is now an Amazon Kindle Bestseller. Readers write:

Wet Hot and Wild…[is] an authentic spiritual journey. It flows like a stream of consciousness from an unusually conscious person.

Shyam Dodge is a heck of a writer!

Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi is SEXY...FUN... REVELATORY ... AND DANGEROUS...


sweetened condensed milk We are honored to have our books on the shelves of Small World Books, the literary jewel of the Venice Beach boardwalk.


sweetened condensed milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Shyam Dodge’s book of sacred stories, Sweetened Condensed Milk, was on Amazon’s top 20 list for three weeks straight and continues to attract a strong readership across the United States.